Poetry Pod Creation


The Group
Choose 3 people whose thinking you like.

The Meeting
Find a place to meet once a month.  Pick a day of the week and a two hour time slot that’s convenient for all.

The Poetry
Pick a simple, but interesting theme. Some samples: Poems from Exotic Cultures; Poems Written in the Year You Were Born; Poems You Don’t Understand; Poems about Food; Poems about a Place You Love; Poems from Your Ancestral Heritage.
(A sentence or two about the poet makes a good preface to the work.)

Each group member should bring copies of the chosen poem. Each poem should be read aloud and discussed by the group for 15 minutes.

Devout the second hour to shop-talk if you are writers or about other aspects of literature if you are not.

For further inspiration see: Poets Read Poetry blog at pamelampearce.wordpress.com

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